About Us

Live Steam Models is an established family-run business offering complete traction engineering capability for today's enthusiast.

Quality Engineering and Excellence
Working under strict quality guidelines, Live Steam Models offers a range of engineering expertise. From providing drawings to the machining of cylinder blocks, flywheels, cross-head supports and gears.

A full wheel building and assembly process is available using laser cut spokes and, for accuracy and consistency, all rivets are inserted by spinning. Rubber tires can be vulcanized on as an optional extra. These are bonded to the steel rims by a steam vulcanizing process and if required must be fitted before painting to avoid blistering. Water fittings can be provided as castings or as fully machined components if necessary. Water gauge protectors can be supplied to order. An extensive stock of ancillary items are available, such as name-plates, wire rope, lamps and liveries. Individual brass name plates can be cast to order.

Tradition of Tractions
Live Steam Models offers the expertise to ensure the beginner or expert can produce an authentic traction engine and has a reputation for sound advice and reliable common sense solutions to your steam model queries.

Customer Care
From supplying castings off-the-shelf to precision engineering specific parts to meet individual customer requests, Live Steam Models takes every care to support customer requirements, whatever the request.

We hope you will have many hours of pleasure in building and steaming a traction engine from our range. We produce our own engines and take pride and care in the quality of our castings and have gained a high reputation with model traction engine enthusiasts. So, if you want the best on the market, make a start today and join our many satisfied customers.