Live Steam Models Catalogue

This is our complete catalogue of steam model kits we manufacture for your own construction. Please call us for pricing information or queries on the model that you are interested in.

Choose one of the models from our catalogue:

Ruston Proctor SD Tractor 4" Scale
Ruston Proctor SD Tractor 6" Scale
Foster 3" Scale Traction Engine
Marshall 3" Scale 'S' type Tractor
Marshall 3" Scale 'S' type Road Roller
Foster 6NHP 4" Scale Agricultural Engine
Burrell 6NHP 4" Scale Agricultural Engine
Burrell 6NHP 4" Scale Single Crank Compound
Burrell 8NHP 4" Scale Scenic Showman Locomotive
Burrell 7NHP 4" Scale Agricultural Engine
Foster 5" Scale Single Cylinder Rope Hauling Engine
Burrell 8NHP 6" Scale Scenic Showman Locomotive
Fowler Class B6 Compound Road Locomotive

Details of our range of models

All the engines above have steel boilers (the 3-inch scale engines can have copper if preferred). Steel is more suitable for conditions met on the rally field. Special features are incorporated into the boiler design. In the interest of safety, a fusible plug is fitted to the firebox crown and this protects the boiler should the water level fall too low. The tubes are expanded in and can be replaced when necessary. A manhole cover is fitted to assist with cleaning and for the purpose of inspection. Blow-down valves are fitted to the outer firebox for the purpose of cleaning sediment from the foundation ring. It is recommended to use the blow-down valves on a regular basis. We recommend the regular use of DM fluid to de-oxygenate the water and to protect the boiler from corrosion.
Boilers can be obtained from:-
A J B Engineering.
Wain Boilers.

Wheels are fabricated in steel, having flat bands rolled and "T" rings welded in. The spokes are riveted to the flanges are secured into the hub with countersunk Allen screws. All spokes are supplied laser cut for accuracy. Castings are of high quality cast iron and spheroidal graphite (malleable) iron that machines well and has a high tensile strength. name rings and water fittings are in high quality gun-metal.

Technical Support

Technical advice and help in case of difficulties can be obtained by contacting Live Steam Models. We have our own demonstration model which you are welcome to see. If you wish us to demonstrate this to you it is normally available at our works on giving us 48 hours prior notice.

Builders often ask what equipment is required and we recommend a 12-inch gap bed lathe with 18-inch swing. A milling machine is an asset. We operate a machining service for the larger and more awkward components - generally cylinder, flywheel, cross-head supports and the like. A wheel building service is also available.

Overseas Sales

Model engineers are supported and supplied to worldwide with all the necessary equipment to commence building - with full support service to ensure trouble-free steaming for years to come. Air or sea freight shipments can be arranged. Live Steam Models ensure parts are adequately packed for overseas transportation to prevent damage in transit. Transit insurance is also available on request